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PrimeWire is a free streaming website that is worldwide known for having the biggest collection of tv series ever seen on this kind of sites. PrimeWire offered very good quality content ever since the beginning and that's why millions of people started to love it and it became the most popular streaming site in such a short time, maintaining itself in top 3 sites for the last 10 years.

10 Reasons Why PrimeWire Is The Best Streaming Site

Today more and more sites are claiming that they are the best and their content has the highest quality but these are just lies in the majority of the cases. You can figure it out by yourselves which website is the best just by looking at it and trying to watch a movie or an episode. Below, we've talked about the reasons why we think PrimeWire is the best streaming site ever created, with arguments, and after you read them you can check on the site to see if it's for real.

  • 15.000 movies. Even if PrimeWire initally started as a tv shows website and completely ignored the movies niche for a while, we've decided this year to focus a bit on the movies and after months of hard work we managed to upload almost 15.000 movies that you can watch for free.
  • 50.000 episodes. This is a massive quantity of episodes from nearly 2000 tv shows. We wanted to offer a rich variety of productions so everyone can find something good to watch on our website and we really consider 50.000 is enough for the moment but we keep uploading new ones everyday.
  • HD quality. It's 2020 and nobody want to watch SD low quality movies and series anymore because it's really annoying to see pixels on a high quality smartphone or 4K tv. The quality of our video players on PrimeWire is HD 720p and sometimes even FULL HD 1080p, it depends on our non-affiliate third party that provides the films.
  • Quick publish everyday. We know how important is for the tv shows fans to get access to the latest episode from their favorite serie as fast as possible and this is why our team is here working 24/7 in order to publish the latest movies and series immediately after they are officially released by their networks or television. Visit PrimeWire everyday to watch the newest episodes!
  • Well optimized categories. Having such a big collection of tv shows and movies also requires good measures for structure and organization. PrimeWire is well organized with many filters, categories, genres, tags, years so you can easily find the content that you are looking for.
  • Special Trending sections. People are busy and don't have time to stay updated with the latest news from Hollywood so they don't know what movies or series to watch when they have some free time. We have created special selections like Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite, Top IMDb and other special packs so you can get some inspiration.
  • Variety of years. We are not fans of only new or old movies, we like them both and we think there many new and great movies but in the same time ''old but gold'' is a true fact. Because of this, our database contains movies starting from the years ~1900 and up to the present 2020, for all tastes.
  • Instant loading. Now nobody has time to wait for a video player to load for minutes before you are able to watch a movie without buffering. We are proud to say that our servers have instant loading so you don't have to wait at all. Just click the play button and watch instantly. In the same time, all the pages of the PrimeWire website are loading in less than one second.
  • No registration. All the movies and series available on PrimeWire can be viewed for free and that's why it's also not necessary to create an account in order to watch someting. However, you can still register if you want to benefit of some extra features like Watch Later or My Favorite but this is not mandatory.
  • Ad-free. We are all tired of annoying pops and ads that bother us when we are trying to watch a movie and we are happy to announce you that PrimeWire is a completely ad-free website after our latest update when we've removed any form of advertising so you can enjoy the best browsing experience.