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PrimeWire is a free website with almost a decade of experience in the online streaming industry. We started it many years ago just like any other streaming site from that time but we decided ever since the beginning to work harder than everybody else and offer the highest quality possible and become beloved by millions of people from all around the world.

We achieved this after a few years and we are so happy to be here today, after a decade, still offering probably the biggest database of movies and series online free that you’ll ever encounter on this kind of sites.

You can easily discover all the features and characteristics of PrimeWire if you take a closer look on our website but however we’ve written below a bullet list with the most important advantages of our website and these are also the reasons why our website has really big chances to become your favorite place for online streaming.

Top 2022 Features of PrimeWire

  • 10 Years Of Experience. As we said in the beginning of the article, a decade already passed since we first started to publish movies and series. In all these years we’ve worked hard, we’ve been through a lot of problems and struggle but we managed to keep going and growing and today we are proud of our streaming platform. PrimeWire has passed the test of time and never disappointed the visitors and we will continue to offer high quality movies and episodes for free.
  • The Best Design Theme. PrimeWire might look familiar to you because there are a few more streaming sites that uses the same design theme as we do but this is not a problem. This theme is created by PSY and for sure it’s the best interface for a streaming platform. Looks modern and beautiful, it’s very friendly and easy to use even for the people who never visited a streaming site before. The buttons are placed in handy spots for an easier acces, the navigation menu has been arranged to be as useful as possible and the website has been optimized to work perfectly on any devices, of course including smartphones because around half of our visitors are accesing PrimeWire from a mobile device.
  • The Biggest Collection. The fact that PrimeWire is the most popular streaming website in the world it’s not a surprise anymore, but you are probably asking how we achieved this. Well, with the help of our enormous collection of movies and tv series. The database of Prime Wire now includes around 16.000 movies and 80.000 episodes from 2500 tv series. We’ve seen a lot of streaming sites with just a few productions and we strongly believe that we are hosting the biggest collection in the world, please send us your feedback about it.
  • Highest Quality Content. Here at PrimeWire we have never neglected the quality of the video materials that we publish. Even if sometimes we spend hours to find the best quality version of a specific movie or episode, it is worth it because our fans can enjoy Full HD movies and series only on PrimeWire. We know that so many streaming sites are publishing low quality videos and that’s very disrespectful for the visitors. It’s 2022 and nobody want to watch crappy quality anymore so that’s why we are never publishing movies or episodes in less than Full HD quality.
  • Fast Loading Servers. We live in the age of speed and everything is happening very fast. Nobody has any patience left and we all want the things to move and load instantly for us. We have optimized all the pages of PrimeWire and minimized their size to make sure our website works perfectly and load almost instant on any devices regardless of their performance or the internet connection speed. PrimeWire has been created to serve users worldwide the biggest quantity of movies and series online without any country restrictions and also with the fastest loading possible. Our video players are provided by a non-affiliate third party that fortunately also uses high speed technology and that’s why our players are also loading full in less than a second. The times when you had to wait half an hour for a movie to fully load have passed, now everything is instantly, just click the play button and the movie will start running automatically without buffering and you don’t have to wait at all.